Cork General Purpose
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Cork General Purpose

Cork General Purpose
Cork General Purpose
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Cork - General Purpose Grade is an economical and highly compressible material suitable for low and medium bolt pressure, with good flexibility and resilience. The physical characteristics along with fuel and oil resistance make this a general-purpose gasket material.

Material: Cork granule size (mm): 2/3
Binder: Cork/Nitrile        

Physical Characteristics
Density:  0.6-0.7
Hardness Shore A: 50-70
Compressibility, 400 PSI (%):40-55
Recovery (%):75
Tensile Strength (kg/Cm): 10.5

Original F=5: No cracks
ASTM No 1 Oil, 70 Hrs @ 100c (F16): No cracks
Oven aged, 70 Hrs @ 70 Hrs @ 100c (F16): No cracks

Volume change after Immersion
ASTM No 1 Oil 70 Hrs @ 100c (%): -10 to +10
ASTM No 3 Oil 70 Hrs @ 100c (%): -5 to + 40
ASTM Fuel A, 22 Hrs @ 23c (%):-5 to + 10               - 

Specification according to ASTM D 194. F2290000.

Temperature range
-20 to + 120 Degrees centigrade.

Available in sheet, strip or roll form or we can produce bespoke parts to customer drawings & specifications, see our Gaskets product for more information.

Simply send us your enquiry, drawing or sketch, along with the application requirements and we will provide a quotation by return.

We are happy to receive orders for small quantities as well as large production runs.

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