Expanded Neoprene
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Expanded Neoprene

Expanded Neoprene
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Expanded Neoprene / Closed Cell / Sponge rubber which is impermeable to air and water and therefore an ideal material for sealing against air and/or water.

Size (Sheet): 2m x 1m
Colour: Black


  • Outstanding aging properties and will not go brittle over time.
  • Very durable and relatively cheap.
  • Flexible material.
  • Good UV, ozone, sunlight and oxidation resilience.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Good resistance to oil and many petroleum derivatives and chemicals.

Average Density: 150/170kgm3
Temperature Range: -20/+100º

Also available in strip or roll form or we can produce bespoke parts to customer drawings & specifications, see our Gaskets product for more information.

Simply send us your enquiry, drawing or sketch, along with the application requirements and we will provide a quotation by return.

We are happy to receive orders for small quantities as well as large production runs.

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