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At Technix Rubber & Plastics, we stock a wide range of specialist industrial adhesives and glues, including our underwater adhesive Adheseal.

Our adhesive range includes water resistant contact adhesive, fire retardant epoxy adhesive and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

For more information on our adhesive products you can contact us with your enquiry for a quotation. | 01489 789944

Tremco SF105 (formerly Treadfast 105) is a thixotropic waterborne floor covering adhesive. Coverage: 60m² (approx 4m²/kg) Size: 15kg Benefits Good plasticiser migration resistance Approved by...

Adheseal cures under water, and will not be affected by normal levels of chlorine or salt. It can also be painted over easily with most modern paint systems, even wet-on-wet, saving an enormous amount...
Inc. VAT: £22.80

Tremco SF115 (formerly Treadfast 115) is a one part, modified elastomer contact adhesive for use with rubber and PVC.     Coverage: 3m²/ltr Size: 5ltr Benefits: Extra strong bond Ex...
Inc. VAT: £56.40

Tremco SF404 (formerly Treadfast 4004) is a two part epoxy based, self extinguishing adhesive of thixotropic consistency, formulated for ambient temperature curing. Coverage: 2m²/kg using serrated...
Inc. VAT: £141.60

Marine Bond is a quality, high performance 2 part neoprene adhesive.  When mixed with curing agent this adhesive is suitable to bond a range of rubbers and rubber coated fabrics (e.g. neoprene, h...
Inc. VAT: £12.00

Tremco SF600 (formerly Treadfast Tretothane) is a 2 Part polyurethane adhesive formulated for ambient temperature cure.     Coverage: 4m²/ltr using 1.5 mm x 5 mm serrated trowel (smooth ...
Inc. VAT: £72.00

Tremco SF108 (formerly Treadfast 108) is a pressure sensitive adhesive for vinyl floor and wall coverings and for most rubber floor coverings. Coverage: 7.5m²/ltr Size: 5ltr & 15ltr Benefit...

FC40 is a one part, high modulus, polyurethane based elastomeric sealant with excellent bonding capabilities.     Coverage: Approximate Linear Metres per 310 ml cartridge 6 mm w x 6mm d...
Inc. VAT: £12.00

Trade Tack is an aerosol adhesive which does not contain CFC’s, Methylene chloride or 1.1.1.Trichloroethane. It bonds a wide variety of materials giving a rapid bond formation and is economical in use...
Inc. VAT: £9.60

Tradesolve 1 is a highly flammable cleaning solvent designed for cleaning equipment which has been used to apply epoxy resins. Size: 5 ltr ...
Inc. VAT: £34.80

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