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At Technix Rubber & Plastics, we stock a wide range of specialist industrial adhesives and glues, including our underwater adhesive Adheseal.

Our adhesive range includes water resistant contact adhesive, fire retardant epoxy adhesive and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

For more information on our adhesive products you can contact us with your enquiry for a quotation. | 01489 789944

Please click here to view our alternative product (Marine Bond Contact Adhesive) Tremco SF165 (formerly Treadfast 1635) Contact Adhesive (2 part) is a cross-linking contact adhesive.     ...
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Web Tack Aerosol bonds a wide range of materials giving rapid bond formation and is economical in use. Web Tack has a much higher temperature resistance than most aerosol adhesives. 90°C and up to 100...
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