Fendering Accessories
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Fendering Accessories

As well as manufacturing a range of fenders, Technix Rubber & Plastics provide the accessories to install, maintain or strengthen your fenders.

Our Aluminium or Rigid fixing strips can be inserted into the appropriate B fenders of D fenders for additional strength.

Our Solid Neoprene Cord is the perfect material for sealing and edging and for plugging drilling holds in extruded rubber fenders.

For more information, or for advice or assistance, please do get in touch.

sales@technix-rubber.com | 01489 789944

PRICE PER LENGTH Rigid PVC fixing strips are to be used with the appropriate 'B' or 'D' fendering profiles and are inserted into the profile prior to fitting to provide additional strength. The ...
Ex Tax: £4.96

PRICE PER METER Flexible rubber strip is an ideal material for sealing and edging applications. Water, oil, weather and heat resistant. Most often used automotive applications and plugging drillin...
Ex Tax: £2.25

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