Equestrian & Livestock Matting
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Equestrian & Livestock Matting

Technix Rubber supplies a wide range of stable mats which are perfect for where fatigue prevention, slip resistance and wear tolerance are required.

The StableLok rubber flooring is our affordable lightweight PVC stable matting, with its cellular rubber tile structure that gives excellent durability and comfort.

The harder wearing Tuff Tread rubber matting is a heavy duty rubber stable matting which is made of solid rubber allowing nowhere for bacteria to breed and is primarily used around horses and livestock.

For more information on our stable matting products please click here to contact us with your enquiry for a quotation.

sales@technix-rubber.com | 01489 789944

With unique technical specifications and expert engineering, VersaLok can provide benefits across a wide spectrum of applications, from industrial and manufacturing areas to leisure complexes. Its ...
Ex Tax: £13.00

A multipurpose heavy-duty mat hollow matting used in various applications were fatigue prevention, wear tolerance and slip resistance are required. Features Excellent drainage capacity Top ...
Ex Tax: £22.00

StableLok is our interlocking durable yet lightweight PVC stable matting. StableLok is a moulded, non-slip tile with a cellular structure that gives excellent durability and comfort. With it’s unique ...
Ex Tax: £4.50

Tuff Tread is our heavy duty rubber stable matting. It is primarily used around Horses and livestock. It is made of solid rubber, therefore there is nowhere for bacteria to breed, which prevents the s...
Ex Tax: £37.00

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